Faculty of Science & Technology

Department of Computer Science & Technology

Degree offered:
  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Engg.

    Date of Approval: 11-01-2005

  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Information

    Date of Approval: 06-02-2005

  • Post Graduate Diploma in lnformation Technology

    Date of approval: 15/12/2022

Department of Electrical & Telecommunication Engineering

Degree offered:
  • B.Sc in EEE

    Date of Approval: 11-11-2009

  • B.Sc in Electrical & Telecommunication Engineering

    Date of Approval: 08-02-2005

Department of Pharmacy

Degree offered:
  • B Pharm (Hons)

    Date of Approval: 10-05-2005

  • Masters of Public Health

    Date of Approval: 11-02-2008

Department of Textile Engg.

Degree offered:
  • B.Sc in Textile Engg.

    Date of Approval: 30-09-2009