School of Health & Life Sciences

Department of Biochemistry & Biotechnology

Degree offered:
  • B.Sc. in Biochemistry & Biotechnology

    Date of Approval: 09-07-2006 

  • M.Sc in Biotechnology

    Date of Approval: 25-08-2005 

    Updated as: Master of Science in Biotechnology (Date:24-09-2019)

Department of Microbiology

Degree offered:
  • BS in Microbiology

    Date of Approval: 18-04-2006

    updated as: Bachelor of Science in Microbiology (Date: 04-09-2019)

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Degree offered:
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy

    Date of Approval: 03-10-2005

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy Practice (5- Years)

    Date of Approval: 25-03-2013

    Changed Progeamme name: B.Pharm Professional (5 Years) (Changing Date: 16-11-2014)

  • M. Pharm in Pharmaceutical Technology & Biopharmaceutics

    Date of Approval: 27-09-2011

  • M. Pharm in Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacy

    Date of Approval: 27-09-2011

Department of Public Health

Degree offered:
  • Executive Master of Public Health

    Date of Approval: 25-04-2010

  • Master of Public Health

    Date of Approval: 06-12-2005